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Products and services

Gulfstream Produce and it's growers provide a number of quality products to their customers including eggplant, hard squash, summer squash, cucumbers, cabbage, bell peppers, specialty peppers, citrus, melons, and sweet potatoes.

All  grown and delivered from Georgia as well as North Carolina. 

Gulfstream's growers in North Carolina and Georgia are in 100% compliance with The USDA's criteria of the voluntary Good Agricultural Practices & Good Handling Practices Audit with regards to farm review, field harvesting & packing activities, house packing facility, storage, and transportation. 

About us

Gulfstream Produce is an industry leader whose commitment to the delivery of quality produce and food safety has been unparrelled since it's beginning in 2006.  To constantly provide our customers with a premium product and superior customer service that exceeds their quality and value expectations.

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